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Doing Nineth house work when it’s Empty

Every time I come across someone doing readings online, I’m always curious what Deity has to say about my path work.

There are so many paths out before me, that I find myself paralyzed by the inability to make a choice because I am terrified of getting it wrong, and I’m worried that my ideas to help and to spread knowledge has more to do with ego than helping people. Can we say past religious and spiritual teacher trauma?

I worry about the colonialism inherent in my perspective growing up white on Turtle Island (North America) will do more harm than good. Sharing my healing journey feels like tooting my own horn, and building myself a platform, elevating myself and setting myself up as a false prophetess. Can we say lifelong trauma, depression, anxiety, CPTSD and till recently untreated ADHD?

The root of this, as I sit with the uncomfortable feeling is fear that I have nothing to add to the conversation. That my voice, white presenting, female, fat… has no place at the table.

So I sit here drowning in inaction. I am passionate about exposing white supremacy in Wiccan and pagan spaces. I am passionate about healing. I am passionate that solitary path-workers, are just as important and deserve a place and space to offer their voice or word to the ongoing conversation that is the evolving spirituality of becoming re-naturalized to the earth and moving towards nature centered work that is effective, ethical and equitable.

The work seems overwhelming and my scope unfocused. I’ve been awash in ideas, all unrealized for years now. I happened to be on the clock app this morning and a creator, another path-worker shared some insight as the live feed was generating its own energy – insight for the spectators as well as the practitioner / host. In that space it was shared that perhaps the idea, task, project, path does not need to be so categorized.

One of the tidbits that was mentioned, in the group that had gathered was to examine our own birth charts for the 9th house and the relation to the moon to that house.

My 9th house, is empty. The 9th house has to do with our search for meaning, spirituality, awareness and exploration.

My moon however is hanging out in the 6th house which has to do with service, self improvement, and the state of our health.

So… the absolutely funny thing for me is that I am stuck between how I am going to serve the community, and share my healing journey so that perhaps one person somewhere along the way will not hurt as I have, will not feel alone as I have, and perhaps might find their joy more easily than I.

Its no wonder to me, that I struggle to define all that I feel about spirit work when the 9th house is empty?!?

Some people say that the empty house can indicate that these lessons are not work that you are pulled to explore by spirit / choose at reincarnation.

I do not know what I think about it all. However, I am going to work on speaking, in words, voice.. something. I’d be curious to hear what astrology witches have to say about empty houses in your chart if you happen to know of published work, or your own two cents I find myself greatly curious cause I have quite a few empty houses and I have not yet experienced the personal ring of truth for how that can pluck the strings of fate in my life.

Credit to Peachkka for hosting the space that allowed this realization to come into the light.


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