Looking in from the Outside: Current retrograde cycles of our outer planets

At this time, we have safely emerged from a Mercury retrograde, and a Venus retrograde and a Mars retrograde. These planets are all close to the Sun and therefore we tend to be a little more familiar with their comings and goings in the space of our universe.

The outer planets however tend to “walk softly and carry big sticks!” These guys go into retrograde for longer periods of time in the year because they are further away from the Sun and ourselves. This can at times, mean that their affect on us may take longer to realize though the learning curve is a little easier than the “younger” planets zipping through their orbits.

Slower orbit can make the lessons they bring a little easier on those of us who choose to listen for them. Their retrograde cycles are longer and full of space to reflect and make our choices.

Right now Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all in a retrograde cycle. Uranus is about to start its retrograde cycle at the end of this month, and Saturn will be going direct around the second week of August.

Some of you may only know about our more vocal retrograde cycles from planets like Mercury. Perhaps you may not know about these other planets and this is a quick little guide to bring your awareness level up and hopefully shed some light on any challenges you may be facing.

Retrograde is when the planet appears to move backwards in its orbital progression. This manifests as the inverse of the typical characteristics and energy of the planet in question. This tends to be a good time to work on different aspects of the self and reach new conclusions about our realities that enable us to manifest our greatest good!


Saturn is considered to be all about boundaries. Being focused. Saturn is about our expectations of ourselves, of family, of loved ones, of society and the global culture and where we fit into that.

Saturn helps give us that narrow focus to achieve our goals. Its energy allows us to stick with something difficult because when it comes through to completion it brings such a sense of reward and accomplishment! You know that feeling… deadlines.. Check…. Made that meeting… check… completed that project… check… organized your bills.. OH YES!

This is Saturn in it’s day to day forward momentum and some of the energy it brings to us. Now, we put it into Retrograde and all these aspects are suddenly running in counterpoint. Loss of focus, easily distracted, we begin to question everything and everyone in our path; especially ourselves.

What am I doing here? What am I accomplishing… Who do I want to be? Who am I now?

These questions are invaluable to growth, though they can be difficult to experience.

However, there is a fun point I’d like to make to Saturn in retrograde. Rules… GONE. It’s time to let your hair down metaphorically, and shake it out. Boundaries and expectations you have placed on yourself may suddenly be lessened… or gone. This is where we stretch our limits. We explore new aspects of ourselves and what we want.

What do you want?

Such an important question cannot be ignored for long.


Pluto went into retrograde in April and will be coming out in September. Now Pluto, lovely little planet that has been through quite a lot of this nonsense about being a planet, then not being a planet. No wonder Pluto likes to really tear down all the walls we make.

When running normally Pluto’s energy helps us break down the things that no longer serve us. Pluto helps you see your delusional mask and rip it right off your face leaving nothing behind but your best possible self.

When Pluto is in retrograde, as it is now we have the opportunity to address our shadow-selves. Our shadow-self can be characterized as the darkness we feel inside, the things that we do not want others to see. The things that we work hard to control, to force into submission and to adhere to norms. Jealousy, greed, unproductive selfishness could all be considered shadow-traits.

When Pluto is no longer moving in an apparent forward motion, our awareness of our shadow-self intensifies. This is not a time to dread, it is a time to celebrate! We have an an opportunity to give ourselves permission to feel what we feel without judgment. One of the lessons of the Buddha is the acceptance of now…. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’. And it is through acceptance that enlightenment (our highest possible self) can be realized.

Pluto’s retrograde motion is its gift to us to help us learn acceptance. Once we accept, can we account for ourselves and make new decisions if we so choose.


Neptune went into Retrograde in June, and will be there till November. Normally Neptune is all about dreams, fantasy, psychic awareness and all things we hope for as a society. What we dream about for ourselves. What we desire to come to pass. The key here is when Neptune is direct its energy is that of the collective consciousness dream.

This can sometimes be very confusing but it does help realize certain global desires such as an end to hate. When Neptune is direct sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by all the energy of Spirit.

When Neptune is in retrograde however, the energy inverses. It becomes easier to see, like a fog lifting from a meadow to reveal the fairy ring inside. You now have a choice of going into the ring. When Neptune is in retrograde you now have easier access to your metaphysical awareness. Dreams come more easily, and may be less complicated to understand.

This works very well with Saturn’s retrograde action of trying to discover what you want, because Neptune wants to show you how to get it.


Uranus frankly has had enough of everyone’s excuses and would like to introduce radical and unconventional ways of accomplishing new ideas. Uranus is about innovation, new beginnings, revolution and challenge!

We all have that one friend that challenges us, that sometimes we don’t get along with because they ALWAYS see an opportunity for something to be better, more radical, more significant. Sometimes, we don’t answer that person’s call or text because we are feeling lazy.

Well it’s really hard to ignore a planet’s energy here. Uranus wants to remind you that you need that spark. This isn’t about the boundless energy of Mars… this is calculated meham. Sometimes that can be a bit much for us and we need a break.

Luckily Uranus will be going into retrograde at the end of July and give us all a break. This radical self reflection, awareness, and opportunity to address our challenges can be exhausting.

I know I’m tired, how about you all?

Did I say break? Well, depends on what you mean by break…..

During its retrograde cycle Uranus energy will tone down and become more focused inward. More self reflection I know, it’s good for you! However, now that the apparent motion is in reverse the energy is not as combustible as it is when it is in direct.

You may start to experience a slower, more reflective observations. Instead of the radical change and leap, you will have time to explore the why behind the change and address psychological and mental triggers. This is also a great time to work on overcoming addictions.

Just know, wherever you find yourself challenged in the retrogrades going on around you, that you retain total control. Knowledge of the energies at work in your reality give you the opportunity to embrace your joy, to find your dreams, to explore your limitations and see if they can be stretched.

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Mercury in Retrograde & New Moon in Scorpio…

Today is not only a dark or new moon for us witches and pagans, but a partial solar eclips as well that can only be seen with a dark moon.  The moon will be in the house of scorpio and we are still in the midst of a particularly intense Mercury Retrograde period (at least for me).

This combination has many of us stretched a little thin and I am going to try to shead some light on what is going on and how we can turn it to our advantage.

First, a little about Mercury Retrograde ~ For me this means problems in communication problems. Things are missheard, things have been communicated as we felt clearly and someone does the complete opposite! HOW INFURIATING! Were we not clear!?! Well…. maybe we were not. These times bring our shadow selves into the light. It brings forth things we usually do not want to deal with, quirks, tasks, behaviors that really are not helpful for our well being and mercury throws it into sharp releif and forces us to deal with it (or you know you could just flail about and be pissed off about it if you want…)

Dark moon is a time of new beginnings, She has been dieing the last cycle, getting smaller and smaller untill BOOM, the moment of Her death is also Her birth and now Her power will grow. What will you choose to let go of personally? Dark moons are great for magic of a personal nature, this is a time to work within (vs Full moon which is great for working outside ourselves, or on creating things).  This is a time to reap our harvest, what will we collect, and what will we let go of?

The moon in Scorpio is an interesting time of hyper metaphysical power – no better partner in personal magic can be found I think than the Scorpion helping us make those hard decisions.  Scorpio provieds focus and an almost bullheaded tendency to just barge through a problem, to hell with the consequences we’re getting it done RIGHT?!? Who cares about the bloodshead, or the broken limbs (our own or someone elses’) we got it done! Right? Well… maybe not.

The thing to be careful of when the moon enters Scorpio, we get a bit secretive, we get a bit hyper focused, it’s easy to loose track of time in an effort to GET IT DONE. This can lead to loosing track of drink, food and SEX. It’s not that it’s an overindulgence, it’s just THAT easy to loose track of time and consume too much or not enough in our psychic quest to accomplish a goal.

We are also experiencing a partial eclipse! HA! Just when you thought the casserole of magic couldn’t get anymore complicated someone an ingredient. Don’t worry, it’s bacon and all will be well. The eclipse can be a great power boost to your magical endeavors today.  It will amplify anything goal oriented.

So now with all that information, I hope it helps clarify some of the feelings you’ve been having lately. I hope it helps illuminate before the time of dark so you can make the best choice for your path during that dark rebirth.

If you are at a loss of what to do today within, check out the Spell A Day from Llewellyn. It is a tarot money spell (if you don’t have a deck, just use notecards and write or draw the symbols of the tarot card in question). If you don’t have colored candles, just carve the color name into what you have, or tie string around the candle. Remember witches are practical. *grin*