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Your Spirit Twin, the Higher Self

During our time in Gemini this year, I facilitated a meditation to meet one’s higher-self, what I like to call your spirit twin. They are the soul of who decides what lessons to learn each incarnation, and their perspective has a very wide view of things. My friend Mary has written an amusing post about it here in her blog that pretty much sums up exactly how I feel some days. It was just after a hard day at work around the coven stead and many welcomed the opportunity to lay down and relax.

My goal with this meditation was to help facilitate perspective gained by many life time’s worth of knowledge, and learning. My summary for it below:

Sometimes so many options, viewpoints and opinions face us that it is hard to make our choices. As the Sun travels through the constellation of the Gemini Twins and the warm weather invites action of all kinds it can be hard to make some decisions. The ATC would like to invite you on a special meditative journey to meet your Higher Self!

You do not need to let your options overwhelm you, let the wisdom and perspective you have gained in your many lifetimes guide you!

Artist Unknown

The meditation was written back in 2016 while I was attending and it was sparked by the idea that my own higher self was in fact a train.

That’s right I am a steam powered locomotive. A great of force of energy and protection with a richly appointed interior.

The method to reach my higher self may not work for everyone, and that is okay. I realized delivering this meditation again after graduating from the Seminary that it could use a little polish. I’m going to be working this month on polishing the meditation and recording it for my Patrons!

Some of my friends did not get to attend so after some gentle nagging by a student I decided to record the meditation as it is, and share it. So here it is for you all. Again, these are the words as written by a fledgling priestess, but still powerful I believe.

Train car pictured is from the British Royal Train built during Queen Victoria’s reign.


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