“Helpful, quick and picked up on a person I never mentioned.”


“This chat was great & straight to the point. Her responses were quick and she said I am going to be looking forward to a great year. Can’t wait for all to come to pass. I’m gonna make 2019 my year!!”


“Thank you for taking that deep dive into my life. It was a REALLY good reading.”


“I can’t state how important her honesty is to me and how grateful I am for it, no matter what the news because she’s always right.”


“She is amazingly sweet and clear. Very patient and gets you to laugh which is SO very important.”


“Hi Skyfae, really appreciated the down to earth realistic view of the situation we talked about. Thanks for your honesty. I definitely look forward to speaking with you in the future. Much appreciated.”


“OMG! Skyfae is so lovely! I didn’t have to give her any information other than my question and she picked up on my situation so amazingly! Such a detailed, encouraging and uplifting reading! Thank you so much!”


“Amazing. To the point. Accurate from past readings. I will be a repeat customer.”

Mariana B.


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