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May 18, 2019 Fortuna’s Wheel of Fortune May Moon 2019 ATC invites you to Fortuna’s Wheel of Fortune and recapture your passion for your prosperity, joy and love. The Wheel of Fortune may spin, and like a compass we can become stuck on a skipping track. This damages us since we are made for change and growth and evolution of spirit and body. So we spin the wheel, we change our perspective, we rewrite what our ‘true north’ is on the compass and with our Will we peruse our passion.

I ask all those in attendance to begin thinking about the records your body still remembers, tracks, shadows, that cause us to skip and become stuck. I invite you all to think about how you would rewrite that record, key words, phrases, song lyrics, titles, artists, or albums. If you have a song you need to remove power from, bring that knowledge as well; there will be time to address both sides of the coin in our ritual this night as well as hear from Fortuna Brevis Herself!