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August 2019

Lammas Monologues #GodCon #thatPaganLife #impaganandIvote

Come and see the parade of Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes, Elementals, and Energies. Come express honor to the gods and give them thanks for all the things they bring into your life.

Festivities take place over Saturday August 3th, 2019 and Sunday August 4th, 2019. There will be four separate presentations, with food breaks in between; 3pm & 6:45pm on Saturday, and 11am & 2:30pm on Sunday.

This is at the Mother Church, in Index, WA. Camping is also available for free all up and down the river and at the Forks of the Sky climbing park within walking distance from the Mother Church.

Witches’ Bible Skyclad Classic

Join us for our August Moon Ritual Celebration! We will be honoring the Goddess and God once more this year in warm weather, with the Skyclad Classic from the Witches’ Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar.

As always Skyclad is optional and to your level of comfort, so please plan accordingly.