Get Moving!

Today’s meditation card-draw has to with getting moving, and meditation through dance. A great opportunity to use movement to express excess jittery energy.  Here is a beautiful example of sufi dance meditation. Who knew when we were all spinning in circles as children that we were infact gaining greater connection to the Divine? Ok, some of us knew exactly what we were doing… 



Well I haven’t been moving with dance, but I’ve been getting motivated with this new site! Over the last year I’ve been working as a tarot reader on, (while a GREAT service) I find that per minute doesn’t fit the needs of all clients. So I started looking for solutions. Thusly, this small corner of the internet was born to help.

I love tarot. Let me say that one more time I LOVE the tarot. There is a magic that has been expressed here that closely aligns with my own faith and understanding of the universe. We are all constantly in motion in the universe, and things always change. I use tarot to help the unconscious mind become conscious. I won’t tell you your lottery numbers, give you legal advice, or tell you when you or a loved one will pass. That is a kind of magic I will not take on responsibility for.

What I WILL do for you is this; I will help you articulate the answers you already know. The tarot is a tool to help unlock our own connection to the Divine, in whatever way expresses itself to you.  I have read the cards of Christians, I have read the cards of atheists, I have read the cards of Wiccans, and everyone in between from many walks of life. I am a translator of the divine, not the Divine itself. “Atheists, don’t believe in anything” you may ask, well they do. They believe in science, they believe what they can touch directly. One universal law of science is that any event under observation changes. Energy changes. Therefore, there is still an energetic exchange when dealing with pieces of paper with symbolism on it. Because then the symbolism is a mirror into your own subconscious. For others, like myself the Tarot is more than just pieces of paper with symbols. However, this doesn’t make me right, and someone who disagrees wrong. This just means that this tool has more to offer people than you would think.

There is a beauty of symbolism in tarot, expressed by thousands of different artists in many different decks. Each and every one of them is equally sacred and resonates differently. However, just like musical notes, Ode to Joy played on the piano or flute, still sounds like Ode to Joy.  Just like when using different decks, it depends on my mood which deck will be in use because sometimes I may prefer the sharp tone of ivory keys of the piano, or the whispering willow of the flute. Both are accurate, both are sacred. Because I know myself to be flexible, you will always get a reading that is not stagnate or rehearsed.

So with this all in mind, it is with great joy that I open the doors of Tarot by Skyfae.  In addition to this site, you can find some of my articles on Panegyria as well. I hope to see you around. Don’t forget to sign up for your free bi-weekly reading!

Photo Credit: The Mevlevi Order 



Flowers and Dreams

I greeted today much like any day… slightly bewildered, groaning and wondering where on earth the coffee is…

It wasn’t until I was outside, collecting my thoughts smoking and drinking my coffee that I realized I had dreamed last night that my ears were bleeding. Bleeding ears? Really Universe? That’s your clue? So I pondered it and reached out to my teacher. There were other aspects of the dream like being covered in blood and bruises, memory loss, memory gain, and the Hermit from the Tarot decided to help me out and act as a guide. I’m still not sure what all is going on in my subconscious mind or connection to Deity other than my ears hurt.

I have noticed my stomach has been acting up the last couple days so I decided to try addressing it energetically. Solar plexus, I’m keeping myself from doing something I want to do for me. I evidently have been discounting my own needs trying to keep everyone else balanced. When something finally reaches out to me, I am too busy trying to not fall of the saw-horse of life I cannot take what is offered.

Round and round it goes…. sound like anyone else?

So I pulled out my blue mandala candle and focused on blue to give voice to what it is I want to do. What is it that I need? How can we make desire, action, creation and communication cooperate with one another?

While the answer to that question is largely personal and frankly has no answer because it’s only 7am in the morning and I’m not done with my first pot of coffee.. YES I SAID POT OF COFFEE.. don’t judge…

I received a gift of FES Flower Essences it feels like forever ago. I mainly have used them to add a bit of herbal magic to my candles and encourage certain vibrations… love, energy, waking up, prosperity… etc.  However, I have never actually used them for their intended purpose. So after consulting my teacher, and some helpful information from the website I decided to add the following to my morning altar tea.


“This is a calming remedy especially indicated for babies, young children and animals who are challenged to retain their emotional center during times of dislocation and stress. Indications include extreme bouts of crying, irritability, hypersensitivity and moodiness. These emotional symptoms are typically accompanied by pronounced tension in the solar plexus and/or stomach, including digestive upset, flatulence or bowel disturbance and related sleep disturbance.”*

Pink Yarrow

“Pink Yarrow for heart and solar plexus trauma stemming from sympathetic absorption and related phenomena like stomachache, heart palpitations, nervous depletion or anxiety.”*


“For those who are besieged by inappropriate second-guessing or guilt, feeling that they could have done more, or should have made other decisions. They may be consumed by feelings of self-blame that they were not able to save a loved one or a pet. While these feelings are typical for anyone in a natural disaster situation, the Pine essence is indicated for those who are paralyzed by such feelings, morbidly depressed and dysfunctional.”*

Now to clarify I do not consider myself morbidly depressed, least not at the moment but I do suffer a lot from second guessing… shoulda-coudla-woulda… which is short for day late and a dollar short and no sense fucking worrying about it. I don’t know that I’d include Pine as an every day, but to give myself a slap upside the head with a clue-by-four (conveniently made of pine…) I think appropriate.  Chamomile and Pink Yarrow could quickly become a daily favorite.  I will see how it helps the digestive upsets I’ve been experiencing lately. It’s also the tail end of my period and my period is a destructive force from hell on my system.  I’m never quite sure where to being treating the physical and the metaphysical so sometimes it’s approached from the right, and sometimes the left. I do believe it all helps out the same root problem in the end.

For now I must away, Bright Blessings to you all I hope you have a lovely day!

*Flower Essence Services, Healing Flower Essences,, Accessed and confirmed July 23, 2018

Tarot of the Day: Eight of Wands

I find my recent period of inaction strangly and amusingly reflected in this Eight of Wands I drew today. The Eight of Wands represends finally MOIVING, DOING SOMETHING, CREATING after a period of being stagnate.

In many decks the wands are represented in a diagonal on the card in question, this diagonal action usually indicates movement, up or down.  This is no different.  In my deck The Mythic Tarot the Eight of Wands is represented by a ship, on an ocean, moved by the flames of Eight wands on the deck of the ship. The ship is also moving with dolphins swiming near.

This immagary tells me, firstly movement, progress, getting somehwere. We see air represented in the sales, water, in the ocean, fire in the wands and earth in the planks of the ship. It is a well balanced card and can mean travel, but usually is tied to creative energy finally finding exposure in the light of day.

I find this accurate in my life because I am starting to move once more on Skyfae Creations, Crafts for a Magical Home. I’m beginning to think forward to what I might offer and staples I want to keep stocked for myself and my clients.

As spring is now here, what projects are you beginning to dust off? How is inspiration striking you in your life?

Bright Blessings!

Tarot of the Day: Five of the Wands

The five of wands hails from the element of Fire! In the Mythic Tarot we see a figure battling a dragon for the prize of a golden sheep.  Those of you with a mythological background will appreciate the inherent story here.

This card is giving us a heads up that we are, or will be coming into a time of struggle. This is not a pointless struggle but a needed ordeal, or test in which we may move forward in our lives.

One symptom of this going poorly is apathy. If we have to fight too hard, why don’t we just give up… we won’t win anyways.

However, if we are processing this time well we will focus the attention and time on the physical (dragons are of the earth) problems so we can move on spiritually.

This is not the end but a beginning, so I encourage you if you are feeling down, buried by a problem, financial or otherwise. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Come at the problem in a different way and you may be surprised just how quickly the antagonist in your lesson falls away so you can shine.

Spring Mysteries 2015

Every spring for 30 years the Aquarian Tabernacle Church has held a festival honoring the Mysteries of Eleusis.

If you are like me you might be wondering just what ‘Eleusis’ is…. or perhaps you are better educated than I, or have already attended SMF before.

I will say the events of Eleusis are…. well elusive.

It is something you must experience yourself in order to understand, and those attending Eleusinian Mysteries are oath bound to keep secret what happens to those who are not already initiated.  For more on this oath, please see this article written by Dusty Dionne.

In order to see both levels of the Eleusinian Mysteries you need to attend two years of SMF and participate in the Greaters and Lessor Mysteries.

This year was my first exposure to the Lessor Mysteries. What some might call a play or an exhibition of theater is so much more when you have Priests and Priestesses fully invoking a Deity they have been working with for half a year if not more. The air practically crackles with the power as you see it unfurl.

The Mysteries are profound and extremely personal, while the Festival is a joyous event I would say be ready.

The Mysteries are work. Ritual is WORK. Ministry is WORK. Self reflection is WORK. With the effort I saw participants and clergy alike put out into this year’s great work alone, I could power the sun itself.

Pagan and Wiccan ministries are going through a revival as the Age of Aquarius settles this world firmly into it’s lap. No more do we have to hide from persecution, no more do our fallen soldiers endure blank headstones when they would have the pentacle guarding their place of rest. No more are the uninitiated left to flounder with poor or unscrupulous teachers.


It is time to embrace that choice. If you are looking for FELLOWSHIP there are many reputable groups out there. Do not be like me and hold on to the poor experiences of the Witch Wars coming out of the 1980s and 1990s.  Not all groups are out there to suck you dry, or put you in dangerous and predatory positions of self and soul. There are groups, covens, churches out there who will APPRECIATE your work, your service, your path and who honestly care if you are happy walking it.

There are schools now, recognized places of education acknowledged by our government. Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary is a recognized house of education in the State of Washington. Not just a mail order course with someone without any accreditations who may or may not know a witch from a hole in the ground. There are records, there is accountability, there is opportunity to grow both as ministry and for academics alike.

You too can grow…. if you CHOOSE to.

What it really comes down to is choice. You have it. The scary part is you have always had it, and you let it go… to get further, to make more money, to have more THINGS.

Guess what… those THINGS …. they never made you happy to begin with did they?


It is OK to be LOVED.

It is OK to be HAPPY.

Now that you’ve been reminded, where do you start? You start as with anything in life, research. In day to do day life, referred to as mundania; we do more research into what brand of coffee or tea we buy than what religious house we want to be a part of.

Think about what you would want to know with buying a new home, or taking a new job. All those questions can in some way be applied to place of worship and growth.

CHOOSE to be HAPPY in all areas of life, an you will be.

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The day after Judgment

I realized with a little help through one of my inspirations (Leonie Dawson) that really what holds me back is fear. Fear of being too far out there, too much of myself and my struggles, my caustic sense of humor and my childlike sense of wonder always at opposite sides of my own self that I find it hard to find peace between the two.

What if someone doesn’t like what I have to say?

What if I alienate people?

What I really need to focus my energy on is this. I am a sacred individual and as such, there are lessons only I will ever get to share with the world. Things I have learned, Things I have lived through. There is only one of me, with a very unique set of circumstances and genetics that have made me who and what I am.
Who will I help by being honest in such a public forum?

Who will help me spread joy in what is more and more often a miserable world filled with stupidity, ugliness and greed?

You will.

You may not know it now, you may not know it ever. However, at some point you will help me make this world a little better and I THANK YOU for it.

I remember the first time I ran across Jess Carlson online and I looked at her website, I looked at everything she does and I remember thinking. That is what I want to do!

Followed closely on the heals of that was, well shit, someone’s beat me to it.

I must say that is the source of a great deal of my inspirational and manifestation gap: Not doing something because someone has already done it.

Well, SO WHAT?!?

Jess’s story is her own, her own way of interacting with her clients is a language only she can speak. Leonie has in her own way through her Soul Biz workbook (I highly suggest it for anyone looking for inspiration for anything really)… it is a language only she can speak.

Just because these lovely people have spoken their piece, and made this success for themselves does not mean that there is no place for me. This is not corporate culture where there is no room at the top. This is inspiration, this is family, this is community and it is what I have been wanting to build for years.

So I thank you all, those who read this. Those who may read this years from now going through some archive for the early days of Skyfae.  Welcome, and thank you for coming. I hope to hear from you.

Tarot of the Day: Judgment

Above you can see the judgment card from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck, which is said to have been in use in the 1400’s.
In the Mythic tarot deck, which I am using today; Judgment (Hermes/psycho pomp) stands before the dead mummies inside a crypt, and behind the main figure holding a staff on fire entwined by snakes lies a doorway to paradise.
In Greek Mythology Hermes was a messenger god, and psycho pomp which meant he could move between worlds. This gave him a unique power and a wide reach.
I find judgment a healer card. This is the doctor (snakes on staff imagery) that helps you cut out what no longer serves you in your life (heal the dis-ease), baring the way of insignificant crap from making it through to your inner heaven or paradise.
This is not necessarily at odds with common definitions as given by Alfred Douglas in The Tarot, as Judgment embodies the great epiphany, an evaluation of self, or of surroundings before moving on. Just another take on it.
What will forever be burned into my mind when looking at the Judgment card is this:
Gandalf shouting to the Balrog  “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
Forever earning my place in the geek-mystical heaven I suppose.
So what I ask myself is what is clamoring for my attention that doesn’t really deserve it? What holds me back? What is keeping me from walking up those stairs and out into the haven and paradise of my own inner temple? What realization have I come to that perhaps even hasn’t made it to the conscious mind that drives my subconscious actions?
I will see what comes to mind today and perhaps tomorrow I will have a personal answer.