Readings & Services



We all face challenges, we all hit low spots and high curves in life. Using my connection to the Universe, to Deity and the tool of Tarot I can help you create a understanding with your spirit. This can help guide you forward. I am your map, but not your driver, YOU are the architect of your reality, let me show you how to pick up that pen.

If you need a quick answer, or a more in depth monthly overview of various areas of your life I have a number of services available. If you have questions or wish to book a reading, you can contact me directly.


Energy Healing

I perform energy healing that can be experienced remotely or in person. For each client I set up a crystal grid while I work to open the pathways between the Universal Source and yourself. Reiki healing is often directed by your higher self and you may experience spiritual, emotional and physical healing in a session.

My clients are urged to set aside an hour to experience a guided meditation and energetic healing which helps realign your energy centers. I can perform this service via chat, Skype as well as in person.

Consultations are free via Contact Me.


Weddings and Rituals

I am an ordained Minister and have performed marriage ceremonies in Washington State. I work with the couple to fulfill both logistical concerns as well as spiritual working. This ceremony is one you should be able to have your own special touch with and it is my job to make sure that magic comes alive for you.

I have worked with same sex and interfaith couples with glowing results and I hope you will consider me for your special day. My fee includes working with the couple before hand, on site, and travel within most of the Puget Sound area. If you have questions, about your ceremony remember you can always contact me for a free consultation.