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Wheel of the Year for Skyfae: January

So on the first of the year I pulled 12 cards to help outline areas that may need my special attention in the year ahead, one for each month of the year. Each month I will draw three more cards to focus on the Mind, Body & Spirit of that particular month.

Here are my cards for this month.   If you are interested in a monthly reading subscription feel free to message me.  As my special 2019 gratitude to you is every comment will receive a free one card reading till January 6th at 6pm (Pacific).

Much love and prosperity for the new year!


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Full Moon Rites ~ Pisces

I was watching Moana for the first time the other day and while I realize I’m terribly behind there was a part of the story that particularly touched me in regards to the full moon energy today; spoiler below.

Full moons are all about working outside of our self. Now is the time for manifestation magic, prosperity magic, working on what attitude we bring and amplify to those around us.

Pisces is a water sign and while the moon is in this phase it is particularly emotionally charged. There is almost a frantic sense of desire and reason usually leaves the building leaving behind this intense emotional response with no where to direct it.

Ritual is an opportunity where you can harness what happens around you and construct the reality you want. We all have different ways of doing this from visualization, Pinterest boards, to-do lists and more.

“I know your name They have stolen the heart from inside you But this does not define you…” -I know who you are, Moana song

We are not defined by what is taken from us. Often we do identify as such. We identify as ‘unemployed’, ‘orphan’, ‘divorced’.  In this era of labels we often believe these labels define us as a whole person rather than part of our circumstantial reality.

These are some songs I choose for myself this moon. I suggest playing them in order for the full building of energy and release. You can play it during a ritual, or visualization or meditation.

If you want a suggestion, you can pick one label (or more!) that you have internalized and let that bitch go. This label is not your face you want to present to the world. This is not the reality you wish to manifest. Remove it and see your heart clearly; your love, your joy….whatever makes you, you! You can use the energy of the moon to fuel your true self, your reality so that what you choose (and not the labels) persist for the next turning of the lunar cycle and beyond.




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Unlocking your Superpower

I was watching a video from an Astrologer about the revelation of your secret super hero power (my analogy) based on the ruler of your 12th house.  Go ahead and watch it, hes got a lovely English accent… I’ll wait.

The Twelfth House contains all the hidden things, effects from past lives, karmic debts or weaknesses. I was taught that the 12th house has to do with your Karmic debts from past lives or your hidden/shadow self.

Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin. We can illuminate our paths or darken our way. It is a matter of choice.

Maya Angelou

I like the idea that we can take the residents of our twelfth house and turn them into our secret strength, or our superpower. While we may not understand those crazy goth kids living in the basement of the apartment complex of our astrological house, they are surprisingly insightful and wonderful neighbors. If you know how to talk to them (I may be biased, as I am the quirky gothic hippie witch neighbor…).

In my birth chart I have two players in the 12th house. Go figure…

I have Pisces in the cusp of the 12th house and the Sun square in the middle of it. I figure the sun lives there full time and Pisces is the live-in partner that still pays rent in another unit but they spend most of their time living together anyways.

In my chart that I pulled 19 years ago, it reports the following effects on my life. Pisces indicates a fear of empathic or psychic abilities. Often signifying a life of service lived before where monetary gain was not important.  I am comfortable in the occult worlds but sometimes I do still feel the knee jerk twitch to defend myself or play down my skills. hmm…

The Sun being in the 12th house could also indicate that I exerted my will over those less powerful and now have a problem expressing my authority.

Another way of thinking about this is due to my personal agency being squashed like a Radroach on Fallout as a child, I have problems drawing boundary lines in my life. Sometimes they’re non-existent. Other times they may appear like a spiders’ web crisscrossing and offering me more protection but in reality constricting my evolution. What might your chart reflect? You can always follow Mr. Scott’s directions in his video.

The whole concept behind investigating your shadow self doesn’t have to be related to astrology or any kind of divination or mysticism of any kind.  In Jungian psychology, the ” shadow “, ” Id “, or ” shadow aspect/archetype ” may refer to (1) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or (2) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the “dark side”(a).

It all comes down to understanding the unconscious part of ourselves. Through that understanding we can unlock our strengths, and some of us even our calling in life. What does yours reflect? Find out about your superpower!


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Get Moving!

Today’s meditation card-draw has to with getting moving, and meditation through dance. A great opportunity to use movement to express excess jittery energy.  Here is a beautiful example of sufi dance meditation. Who knew when we were all spinning in circles as children that we were infact gaining greater connection to the Divine? Ok, some of us knew exactly what we were doing… 



Well I haven’t been moving with dance, but I’ve been getting motivated with this new site! Over the last year I’ve been working as a tarot reader on, (while a GREAT service) I find that per minute doesn’t fit the needs of all clients. So I started looking for solutions. Thusly, this small corner of the internet was born to help.

I love tarot. Let me say that one more time I LOVE the tarot. There is a magic that has been expressed here that closely aligns with my own faith and understanding of the universe. We are all constantly in motion in the universe, and things always change. I use tarot to help the unconscious mind become conscious. I won’t tell you your lottery numbers, give you legal advice, or tell you when you or a loved one will pass. That is a kind of magic I will not take on responsibility for.

What I WILL do for you is this; I will help you articulate the answers you already know. The tarot is a tool to help unlock our own connection to the Divine, in whatever way expresses itself to you.  I have read the cards of Christians, I have read the cards of atheists, I have read the cards of Wiccans, and everyone in between from many walks of life. I am a translator of the divine, not the Divine itself. “Atheists, don’t believe in anything” you may ask, well they do. They believe in science, they believe what they can touch directly. One universal law of science is that any event under observation changes. Energy changes. Therefore, there is still an energetic exchange when dealing with pieces of paper with symbolism on it. Because then the symbolism is a mirror into your own subconscious. For others, like myself the Tarot is more than just pieces of paper with symbols. However, this doesn’t make me right, and someone who disagrees wrong. This just means that this tool has more to offer people than you would think.

There is a beauty of symbolism in tarot, expressed by thousands of different artists in many different decks. Each and every one of them is equally sacred and resonates differently. However, just like musical notes, Ode to Joy played on the piano or flute, still sounds like Ode to Joy.  Just like when using different decks, it depends on my mood which deck will be in use because sometimes I may prefer the sharp tone of ivory keys of the piano, or the whispering willow of the flute. Both are accurate, both are sacred. Because I know myself to be flexible, you will always get a reading that is not stagnate or rehearsed.

So with this all in mind, it is with great joy that I open the doors of Tarot by Skyfae.  In addition to this site, you can find some of my articles on Panegyria as well. I hope to see you around. Don’t forget to sign up for your free bi-weekly reading!

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