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Welcome 2023

What Doing Auntie Sky? No idea, but I’m having fun and healing from the past!

Almost a year in my new home. Still at the same place of employment three years and counting. Tarot reader and wandering solitary Priestess I am at peace with not being who I thought I was going to be, but what makes me happy.

Here is a message I sent out to my tarot clients, and perhaps it’s something you need to see too…

Welcome to 2023!

I’ve pulled a focus card for everyone this year. It’s not an easy one for those of you who study tarot. I pulled the three of swords. Typically this card indicates that there is some division or unhappiness ahead. Don’t let that discourage you!
I like to think of it as it’s time to break up with some toxic habits. There will be sorrow, and there will be joy. Being gentle with yourself and allowing yourself to grieve the loss will enable you to bring in what you actually want to manifest in your life.

Auntie Skyfae

Remember, only pour what you want to drink into your glass.. Happy New Years and welcome to 2023.