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Preserving the Balance

Another reason Self Care is Essential

A wise friend of mine, Mary from Walks Within posted something on their Facebook about different methods of ‘unwinding’. One of the options was to be given permission to NOT be helpful.

I know I know…. what sorcery is this?!

So I replied that I was using this method lately and even using it to create better boundaries. for myself as well as others. Then it came to me, that on some level my historic inability to accept help or ask for help can be another way to make other people feel indebted to me.

Well that is a nasty thought….

Luckily, for my own sanity, I have been working very hard to let people help. To ask for it and to graciously accept help when offered. In addition to offering help myself as a nurturing personality. It is a part of the energy exchange that makes up a healthy human existence.

Healthy human what now?!

That’s right. Healthy Human existence. I have been informed that it is a possibility and a reality for some! When we do nothing but give of ourselves, we create a gap in the cycle of energy between ourselves and others.

We see this imbalance in the condition of our natural environment, in overworked societies, in the rise of mental health problems. The cycle of give and take is essential to our well being.

Isn’t that a kick in the chest….

The idea that we, as a society and me, as an individual has short changed myself and helped create imbalance and undue advantage of my generosity, and the possibility of manipulating others into liking me, or feeling indebted to me is a hard pill to swallow.

Sadly I think my enlightened self has a point.

Another interesting point is the Fae Element. It is part of the Fae condition that you do not thank a Fairy. Never. Not in so many words, not personally. It can breed bad luck. There other ways to express gratitude and those are a must, and easily understood. Humans without the touch of Fae do not understand these other methods of gratitude. Therefore, it is my hypothesis of those of us who are Fae-Touched share a natural disinclination to accept help. We are also often not understood that we are expressing gratitude in our language but not understood by many humans who are not touched by our magic.

Advisement…. being an asshole is NOT being ‘fairy’ and gas-lighting people into your reality and dismissing theirs is abusive, not magical.

As a Witch, my primary goal is to see to the preservation of Balance. Not only of the world outside of me, but within myself as well. As within, so without.

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Faerie Friday Oracle

Today I opened up the Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud and I swear all the cards just jumped out of nowhere and went all over the place…because fairies….

Evidently they want some time out in the light. Sure. Ok. The one card I managed to keep in my hand as the rest just exploded all over my desk is number 48 The Collective of Pixies.

Now, as you can imagine Pixies lllllllooooooooovvve to Dance. And DO the things. There is a lot of positive magic in that statement and relationship to doing things (Duty) and Joy (Dance).

Essentially what this reminds me is we all have things to do in our day that we probably do not want to do. I know I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. My bed had finally cooled down to a reasonable temperature. The covers could be on without roasting me. My cat was purring away by my head and I DID NOT WANT TO GET UP.

No I’m not a morning person.

So with much grumping I finally got out of bed. I realized that had I thrown on some ridiculous dance music or had a mock argument with my roommate to get my brain moving and my blood pumping then I could have bounced out of bed ready the day. Instead I crawled out one limb at a time, slowly, painfully.

The lesson? My mindset made this whole process more arduous than had I simply sucked it up buttercup and put a move on the day. Then it would have been over, done, in the past. Many remark, “Time Flies when you are having fun.” and I think in many ways if you are mindful, and put your intention to have fun even if the duty is not your favorite; you too can make time fly!

DO the THINGS QUICKLY, do them cheerfully and you too can bend space and time like the Fae.