Full Moon Rites ~ Pisces

I was watching Moana for the first time the other day and while I realize I’m terribly behind there was a part of the story that particularly touched me in regards to the full moon energy today; spoiler below.

Full moons are all about working outside of our self. Now is the time for manifestation magic, prosperity magic, working on what attitude we bring and amplify to those around us.

Pisces is a water sign and while the moon is in this phase it is particularly emotionally charged. There is almost a frantic sense of desire and reason usually leaves the building leaving behind this intense emotional response with no where to direct it.

Ritual is an opportunity where you can harness what happens around you and construct the reality you want. We all have different ways of doing this from visualization, Pinterest boards, to-do lists and more.

“I know your name They have stolen the heart from inside you But this does not define you…” -I know who you are, Moana song

We are not defined by what is taken from us. Often we do identify as such. We identify as ‘unemployed’, ‘orphan’, ‘divorced’.  In this era of labels we often believe these labels define us as a whole person rather than part of our circumstantial reality.

These are some songs I choose for myself this moon. I suggest playing them in order for the full building of energy and release. You can play it during a ritual, or visualization or meditation.

If you want a suggestion, you can pick one label (or more!) that you have internalized and let that bitch go. This label is not your face you want to present to the world. This is not the reality you wish to manifest. Remove it and see your heart clearly; your love, your joy….whatever makes you, you! You can use the energy of the moon to fuel your true self, your reality so that what you choose (and not the labels) persist for the next turning of the lunar cycle and beyond.





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