Of Wind and Willpower


Today I pulled cards from a couple different decks. One was for Will of the Way on Facebook, and another was for my Keen blog to help build visibility and prosperity.

What touched me was not only that I drew the Eagle card from the Animal Messages deck by Susie Green but also He of the Fiery Sword from the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.

In regards to the Eagle, they have some of the best vision of any creature (you try to zero in on a rabbit from a ridiculous height and calculate wind, drift and rapidly approaching hard surface..).  Eagle teaches us the benefits of having an eye on the big picture as well as not losing sight of the smaller goals and hanging onto our vision when so much in the world can distract us from our goals.

Point in fact, I’ve been stuck in YouTube and Facebook videos for hours this week. Yes I was multitasking but it wasn’t mindfully, it just happened and I lost a lot of time this week just getting distracted. This is a constant struggle for someone who is of the Fae – or as I refer to it sometimes as Fae-Brained or ADH-OH SQUIRRL!

Combine this input from Deity with that of ‘He of the Fiery Sword’. Now normally swords in Wicca are considered to be tools of Air and thought. In Faery however, in my personal vision, swords are linked to the element of Fire and action.

To that thought the Singer who carries the aspect of He of the Fiery Sword is one that is filled with that resolution to act and needs help in the department of willpower and strength. This is a Fae that can help you buckle down and do what needs to be done and adds energy to your endeavors.

Willpower has been a recent lesson for me. I’m getting better at boundaries and expectations and self-care, but now comes the hard part of knowing everything that I should be doing, and DOING THEM. So, if you are like me in this regards perhaps you too can call upon ‘He of the Fiery Sword’ to aid you in kicking your butt into gear and doing what needs doing.



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