The day after Judgment

I realized with a little help through one of my inspirations (Leonie Dawson) that really what holds me back is fear. Fear of being too far out there, too much of myself and my struggles, my caustic sense of humor and my childlike sense of wonder always at opposite sides of my own self that I find it hard to find peace between the two.

What if someone doesn’t like what I have to say?

What if I alienate people?

What I really need to focus my energy on is this. I am a sacred individual and as such, there are lessons only I will ever get to share with the world. Things I have learned, Things I have lived through. There is only one of me, with a very unique set of circumstances and genetics that have made me who and what I am.
Who will I help by being honest in such a public forum?

Who will help me spread joy in what is more and more often a miserable world filled with stupidity, ugliness and greed?

You will.

You may not know it now, you may not know it ever. However, at some point you will help me make this world a little better and I THANK YOU for it.

I remember the first time I ran across Jess Carlson online and I looked at her website, I looked at everything she does and I remember thinking. That is what I want to do!

Followed closely on the heals of that was, well shit, someone’s beat me to it.

I must say that is the source of a great deal of my inspirational and manifestation gap: Not doing something because someone has already done it.

Well, SO WHAT?!?

Jess’s story is her own, her own way of interacting with her clients is a language only she can speak. Leonie has in her own way through her Soul Biz workbook (I highly suggest it for anyone looking for inspiration for anything really)… it is a language only she can speak.

Just because these lovely people have spoken their piece, and made this success for themselves does not mean that there is no place for me. This is not corporate culture where there is no room at the top. This is inspiration, this is family, this is community and it is what I have been wanting to build for years.

So I thank you all, those who read this. Those who may read this years from now going through some archive for the early days of Skyfae.  Welcome, and thank you for coming. I hope to hear from you.


Tarot of the Day: Judgment

Above you can see the judgment card from the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck, which is said to have been in use in the 1400’s.
In the Mythic tarot deck, which I am using today; Judgment (Hermes/psycho pomp) stands before the dead mummies inside a crypt, and behind the main figure holding a staff on fire entwined by snakes lies a doorway to paradise.
In Greek Mythology Hermes was a messenger god, and psycho pomp which meant he could move between worlds. This gave him a unique power and a wide reach.
I find judgment a healer card. This is the doctor (snakes on staff imagery) that helps you cut out what no longer serves you in your life (heal the dis-ease), baring the way of insignificant crap from making it through to your inner heaven or paradise.
This is not necessarily at odds with common definitions as given by Alfred Douglas in The Tarot, as Judgment embodies the great epiphany, an evaluation of self, or of surroundings before moving on. Just another take on it.
What will forever be burned into my mind when looking at the Judgment card is this:
Gandalf shouting to the Balrog  “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”
Forever earning my place in the geek-mystical heaven I suppose.
So what I ask myself is what is clamoring for my attention that doesn’t really deserve it? What holds me back? What is keeping me from walking up those stairs and out into the haven and paradise of my own inner temple? What realization have I come to that perhaps even hasn’t made it to the conscious mind that drives my subconscious actions?
I will see what comes to mind today and perhaps tomorrow I will have a personal answer.

Oracle decks are not Tarot

There are many tarot decks and oracle decks out there right now. However, they are not one and the same.

Tarot decks are 78 card decks that follow roughly the same templates. Some decks will have a suit labeled as coins, and perhaps you are used to seeing pentacles? Again sometimes you will see staves, or wands. In the end they both represent the same element and lessons.

Some decks may list different descriptions of the meanings behind the cards, and that information may be conflicting or confusing. I try to find out the lesson behind challenges. The card artists or writers may say it differently from other card artists or writers but the end lesson is often the same.

Oracle decks use the artists own system of cause and effect that result in lessons we take with us after a reading. Some decks focus on fairy, some on dragon. I have a few focusing on natural shamanistic tools because that is what speaks to me personally (in addition to decks like the Dragonfae!)

These decks follow their own rules, and it is important for readers to become familiar with the artists story behind the cards. However, this is not in conflict with your own psychic flow.

If you look at an oracle card and it said in the book that the meaning was X, but for some reason I’m drawn to the colors, the shapes, the expressions of the card, that spark my own relation to the card then THAT is Deity speaking through me to the one asking the question.

Both methods are completely valid but different tools available to readers and to those questing for answers.