As a trauma rips through Marysville Washington, I am reminded of a piece I wrote when I too was a teenager.

As the smoke rises from the ashes,
The time quickly passes.

For when the clock starts ticking,
The grave diggers begin digging.

Your life silently slips away,
And we plant flowers at your grave.

Loved ones wonder why,
It had to be you that would die.

Your enemies begin to speak,
Of conquering others who are weak.

And you most of all,
Heeds the nameless voice that calls.

Telling you of a lost bliss,
Where at last you may find peacefulness.

Penned under the name Misty Chaplin (now Misty Taylor) ©1995



Mercury in Retrograde & New Moon in Scorpio…

Today is not only a dark or new moon for us witches and pagans, but a partial solar eclips as well that can only be seen with a dark moon.  The moon will be in the house of scorpio and we are still in the midst of a particularly intense Mercury Retrograde period (at least for me).

This combination has many of us stretched a little thin and I am going to try to shead some light on what is going on and how we can turn it to our advantage.

First, a little about Mercury Retrograde ~ For me this means problems in communication problems. Things are missheard, things have been communicated as we felt clearly and someone does the complete opposite! HOW INFURIATING! Were we not clear!?! Well…. maybe we were not. These times bring our shadow selves into the light. It brings forth things we usually do not want to deal with, quirks, tasks, behaviors that really are not helpful for our well being and mercury throws it into sharp releif and forces us to deal with it (or you know you could just flail about and be pissed off about it if you want…)

Dark moon is a time of new beginnings, She has been dieing the last cycle, getting smaller and smaller untill BOOM, the moment of Her death is also Her birth and now Her power will grow. What will you choose to let go of personally? Dark moons are great for magic of a personal nature, this is a time to work within (vs Full moon which is great for working outside ourselves, or on creating things).  This is a time to reap our harvest, what will we collect, and what will we let go of?

The moon in Scorpio is an interesting time of hyper metaphysical power – no better partner in personal magic can be found I think than the Scorpion helping us make those hard decisions.  Scorpio provieds focus and an almost bullheaded tendency to just barge through a problem, to hell with the consequences we’re getting it done RIGHT?!? Who cares about the bloodshead, or the broken limbs (our own or someone elses’) we got it done! Right? Well… maybe not.

The thing to be careful of when the moon enters Scorpio, we get a bit secretive, we get a bit hyper focused, it’s easy to loose track of time in an effort to GET IT DONE. This can lead to loosing track of drink, food and SEX. It’s not that it’s an overindulgence, it’s just THAT easy to loose track of time and consume too much or not enough in our psychic quest to accomplish a goal.

We are also experiencing a partial eclipse! HA! Just when you thought the casserole of magic couldn’t get anymore complicated someone an ingredient. Don’t worry, it’s bacon and all will be well. The eclipse can be a great power boost to your magical endeavors today.  It will amplify anything goal oriented.

So now with all that information, I hope it helps clarify some of the feelings you’ve been having lately. I hope it helps illuminate before the time of dark so you can make the best choice for your path during that dark rebirth.

If you are at a loss of what to do today within, check out the Spell A Day from Llewellyn. It is a tarot money spell (if you don’t have a deck, just use notecards and write or draw the symbols of the tarot card in question). If you don’t have colored candles, just carve the color name into what you have, or tie string around the candle. Remember witches are practical. *grin*